Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Gray trash can with a clear tube hanging into it filled about a one fourth of the way with water.

Extracting Water After a Storm

Generally, storms in Oklahoma City bring quite a bit of water with them. Residents of Oklahoma City are accustomed to flood and flash flood warnings. The water can get high enough to have an impact on the structural integrity of homes and businesses in the area. In this photo, you can see the amount of water that was extracted from a commercial property that SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City was dispatched to after a large storm. 

Ceiling with a hole in it and the beams visible.

Structural Damage Caused by a Storm

Bad thunder storms can cause both water and fire damage. The hole you see in this ceiling was caused by lighting that accompanied a thunder storm. Unfortunately, the lightning caused a fire to start in the attic, which ultimately affected the entire house. The crew from SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City was dispatched and helped to mitigate the damage. 

Tile stained with water damage.

Flooding Caused by a Storm

A storm caused this business to flood, which caused damage to tile and to other structural components of the building. SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma was dispatched and able to start the remediation process upon arrival. 

Trailer with lettering reading "SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team" in the rain.

Disaster Recovery Team Activated!

SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is part of SERVPRO's elite disaster recover team, which responds to large emergency and storm loss. The team was activated and on May 25, 2020 our technicians and disaster recovery trailer headed to Midland County, Michigan. Midland County was recently devastated by a flood caused by a dam breach in the area. 

A window boarded up with wood.

Board Up to Protect from Storms!

It is almost always storm season in Central Oklahoma City! If you know that the weather is going to get bad enough to damage your home or business, you might want to consider our board up services!

Trailer with SERVPRO logo and white lettering reading "Disaster Recovery Team"

Disaster Recovery Team

SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is proud to be a part of the larger SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team. This means that our production team has the skills and equipment necessary to respond to large jobs, and can be called out to help in response to natural disasters all over the country.